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It’s Earth Month: Time to Get Rid of Old Paint and Go Green

It’s Earth Month: Time to Get Rid of Old Paint and Go Green

April is Earth Month. If you are a DIYer looking for an easy way to give back to Mother Earth this month, try trading in your paint or oil-based wood stains for a water-based wood stain.

What Do You Do with Your Old Paint?

More than 1.55 billion gallons of paint, stains and other coatings are sold each year in the U.S. Unfortunately, the EPA reports more than 10% of the household paint purchased each year, 65-69 million gallons, will be discarded and “is a concern to communities across the country because of the high volume in the waste stream, resulting waste management costs, and potential for reduction, recovery, reuse and recycling.”

Check for Certified Disposal Centers

If you plan to dispose of unused paint or paint tools this spring, be sure to check online to find the Hazardous Household Waste(HHW) facility in your neighborhood. Do not pour oil-based paints, stains, or toxic paint thinners into drainage systems or put them into waste containers or landfills.

Use Earth Friendly Products

PureColor® water-based wood stains have no harsh chemicals to harm the earth but they do have our patented nano pigment formula to provide deep penetrating color that rivals oil-based stain. These fast-drying wood stains come in 24 hues and penetrate all wood types, even hardwoods and composites.

Non-Toxic and 100% Recyclable

Earth-friendly PureColor wood stains and sealers have ultra-low VOCs so there is no need for ventilation and our patented packaging is a box, not a can, so it is 100% recyclable.

Safe for the Entire Family

Since our patented nano-pigment formula for PureColor is non-toxic and emits no vapors, expectant moms and dads can feel safe using it to refinish that heirloom baby crib or rocker before baby arrives. PureColor products are also safe for kids and colorful enough to stain wood toys, dollhouses and even soapbox derby cars. Even pets will love accessories made from up-cycled and recycled goods using PureColor stain including this fun project recently featured on 1001Pallets.com.

Clean Up Quick with Soap and Water

Cleaning up is a breeze with PureColor. All it takes is quick cleanup with soap and water and you’re done. Even your brushes will be good as new and ready for the next time you want to use them.

Go green for Earth month in April with PureColor and your entire family will enjoy the celebration! We even have the green stain sample for just $3.95, enough to cover a full-size piece of furniture, if you want to give our green a try!



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