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PureColor was started in 2010 when we saw an opportunity to develop better-performing, superior finishing products that bring out the unique and natural beauty of wood. Perhaps our goals were a bit lofty, but we were nothing if not determined. We decided to redefine the industry by setting a new standard in the application performance of stains and other finishing products, while making them safer to use.

For the first year, we focused exclusively on refining our product and process. As a result, rather than working with an oil-based formula, we determined the future of the stain industry would benefit from a higher-performing, environmentally safe, water-based (low VOC) formula that could ship in concentrated batches. This allows our large-scale industrial users to increase efficiency in their production, save money on shipping costs, and save floor space in their production facilities.

The finer, higher-quality pigment we began using as the base of our new formulas give PureColor products a distinct advantage when it comes to penetration of wood surfaces. PureColor’s deeper penetration results in more dramatic dimensionality; deep, rich, striking color. We now offer over 30 stock colors and a large array of custom colors which are available by email to: orders@purecolorinc.com

Over the years we have stayed focused on our commitment to provide a superior, higher performing product that is safer to use than the more volatile offerings on the market. Today we are proud to be able to say that not only do PureColor’s Clean Chemistry™ finishes outperform the competition, they are also safe for the user and the environment.

We were thrilled and thankful when PureColor stain was voted "Best Eco-Friendly Stain on the Market" by Business Insider 2019 !! This was/is so encouraging and makes us more determined than ever to keep providing and promoting eco products. As we all make wise eco-friendly choices every day, we will maintain a better world and create a brighter future!