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3 Surprising Benefits Wood Stain Has Over Paint

3 Surprising Benefits Wood Stain Has Over Paint

Have you had so many bad wood stain experiences that the thought of staining another project makes you want to run and hide under another coat of latex?
Well put down that paint can and listen up. There’s good news about wood stain – and the headline is PureColor.

Three Benefits of Wood Stain

  1. Let your wood grain beauty shine! Stop covering up that beautiful wood grain with layers of paint. PureColor’s patented water-based wood stain is made with nano pigments to penetrate deep into wood for a rich hue that rivals oil-based stains. And we promise, once you go grain, you’ll never go back because there is nothing like bringing out the natural beauty of wood.
  2. You can breathe easy with wood stain. Tired of toxic paint vapors filling your home and making it hard for you and your family to breathe? Worry no more when you use PureColor wood stain. Our water-based wood stains have ultra-low VOCs so they are vapor-free. And kid-safe, pet-safe PureColor stain is non-toxic, too, so your wood-staining projects can now be fun for the entire family.
  3. Dries fast and cleans up even faster – really. When they say it’s like watching paint dry…we all know what that means. Don’t wait around for hours waiting for your project to dry. PureColor quick-drying stain dries in 30 minutes or less. And while your project is drying, you have more than enough time to clean up because PureColor cleans up fast with soap and water. Leftover product? No problem -- PureColor stores in our patented cardboard packaging and fits as easily as a book on a shelf.

PureColor™ – Nature’s Stain with an Innovative Edge. Why not check out our sample sizes? Available in all 24 hues, PureColor 3 oz. samples are just $3.95 and give enough coverage for most small projects, such as a renovated table. Sample sizes are perfect for artists who want to use multiple colors for trims and accents. Just choose your color and select the Sample size from the dropdown menu.