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3 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Wood Stain

3 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Wood Stain

Can a Wood Stain Really Be Eco-Friendly?

Lately the term eco-friendly can be seen in many places and we can only hope that all of them lead to healthier living. Eco-friendly products are products that are earth-friendly meaning they are not harmful to the environment. Eco-friendly products should either contribute to green living practices such as conserving resources or prevent contributions to pollution. Wood stains are no exception. Choosing an eco-friendly wood stain, like water-based PureColor, is a good alternative to traditional wood stain products.

  1. Eco-friendly products like PureColor wood stain contribute to healthier living.

    Clean air is an important part of healthy living. Unfortunately, many wood stains emit volatile organic compounds or VOCs which contribute to air pollution and can cause health problems. Water-based PureColor stains have ultra-low or no VOCS,meaning they measure far below the EPA’s most stringent level of acceptable levels for low VOCs. You can breathe easy when you use fast-drying PureColor stains with no lingering odor of stain.

  2. Eco-friendly products like PureColor wood stain are non-toxic.

    Many believe that a truly eco-friendly product keeps environment, animals, and humans safe – and at PureColor we believe that makes sense since these are all connected. That is why we ensure that PureColor wood stains and products are non-toxic.

    Our non-toxic nature comes from our use of Clean Chemistry™ with a focus on ingredients normally found in nature and used to fortify and nourish. Our water-based wood stains come in 24 rich hues and rival oil-based stain with their deep penetration thanks to our patented nano-pigment technology.

  3. Eco-friendly products like PureColor do not create waste.

    Eco-friendly products are produced in ways that do not deplete the ecosystem. Our stain comes in a recyclable cardboard box with a resealable plastic bag that allows you to remove excess air and keeps your unused stain fresh on the shelf until needed.

    You do not need chemicals to clean up after using PureColor stain. Clean up easily with soap and water. And there is no need for special disposal. Plus, all your brushes, sponges, and bowls clean up easily too – ready for re-use.

Earth Month Tip: Using PureColor wood stain has worked out great for the fans of 1001Pallets.com who are helping to recycle many of the two billion wood pallets being used each day around the world into beautiful furniture, home décor and trims, and in the process saving hundreds of thousands of trees. Hats off to our friends at 1001 Pallets! Visit 1001Pallets.com for wonderful project ideas and be sure to buy PureColor stain for your project. Happy Earth month!