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The Importance of Kitchen Colors

The Importance of Kitchen Colors

Kitchen colors can unify the entire aesthetic of a kitchen’s design and structure, bringing some much-needed pop, vibrancy and liveliness to the area. A livelier kitchen can also make for a more engaging cooking and eating area. The welcoming ambiance you enhance with color is sure to create a comforting atmosphere where friends and family can relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Kitchens can utilize a wider color palette than most other areas within a home. Wood staining is a popular choice for making wooden kitchen cabinets and drawers pop, and it is a unique feature that looks great in most kitchens.

Wood Staining

Wood stains consist of a colorant suspended or dissolved in an agent or solvent and applied to the surface of objects such as cabinets or drawers to create a fine, rich lacquer of color. Most wood stains differ from paints and varnishes as the latter has no added color or pigment and simply creates a surface film.

Applying stains can be easy or difficult depending on the process used and the object it’s applied on, but when staining is applied correctly it should be absorbed by the porous wood, creating a vibrant, rich finish. The porosity of the wood in question can affect the absorption process and cause variances in how well the stain sets and appears.

Give Your Kitchen a Pop of Color with PureColor

PureColor Sustainable Fine Finishes provides a wide selection of fine wood stains for you to choose from. Our EvenGrain palettes are perfect for different varieties of wood and can enhance the mood and ambiance of your kitchen with a simple shade, or combination of shades, from our stock of palettes:

  • PureColor Oak Stock Palette – PureColor provides a rich variety of color palettes for oak that span the color spectrum. For this palette, we have rustic colors like the dark, smoky brown No. 95 Concerto and sunset dusk glow of No. 54 Masala for a good warm finish. We also have the vibrant natural glow of yellows and tans with self-described No. 15 Lemon and classic No. 10 French Oak.
  • PureColor Pine Stock Palette – PureColor’s pine palette is just as rich in color variety as our oak palette. Give your kitchen cabinets a forest cabin feel with No. 65 Adega and the darker variant No. 95 Concerto, or take a livelier turn with the luscious No. 45 Red Special or the soothing blue hue of No. 75 Marine Gray.
  • PureColor Pine Grey Palette – PureColor’s grey pine palette sticks to the classic shades of gray, from the lightest shade of No. 20 Antique White to the self-described darkest with No. 60 charcoal. If you want a classic, traditional stain finish, the pine grey palette is for you.

Contact PureColor today and one of our associates will help you pick the perfect wood stain coat for your kitchen from our impressive stock of palettes. We guarantee you’ll never look at your kitchen the same way again.



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