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Affordable, Fun and Manageable House Projects

Affordable, Fun and Manageable House Projects

Lots of homeowners want to tackle projects around their home, but the three main reasons they never get around to doing anything are the fear of the projects costing too much, not knowing what to do and dreading actually doing the work.

In order to actually start taking care of some of these projects, you need to find something that can be done without any of those objections. A project that is not only affordable but also fun and manageable means one that is more likely to actually get done.

Shoe Holder Planter

This is a very cheap and fun project that is certainly easy to do and will take no time at all to transform your outdoor space and make it much greener. Take an old shoe holder that hangs on your closet door or wall and remove the shoes from it. Next take it outside and hang it up on a wall or even on a balcony. You can use this for several small plants and can also make an easy to manage herb garden. If you don’t already have one of these shoe holders, one can be purchased new for under $20.

Hook Up Your Kitchen

This project will make your kitchen more functional without spending much time or money. Pick up a few metal hooks and mount them on your kitchen wall in a row. You can then hang your kitchen towels and measuring cups up so they are always accessible. Polished chrome utility hooks should cost you less than $10 each.

Turn Your Closet into an Office

For less than $100 you may be able to transform your boring old closet into a nice hideaway home office. First, you still need to unhinge the door and swap out the hanging rods with shelves. Use a deeper shelf for the desktop area and a pair of shallower shelves for storage space above it.

Paint Your Front Door

Your front door is one of the first things most people notice about your home, so why not give it a facelift with a bright, welcoming color such as a stately red or powder blue? For about $25 you can purchase a gallon of house and trim paint which should be sufficient to do this relatively simple project. This small investment can also go a long way toward increasing the re-sale value of your home down the road.

Furniture Wood Staining

Staining unfinished furniture can update the appearance of your home and make your furniture look brand new. Be sure you protect your eyes and skin with safety goggles and rubber gloves before you start staining your wood. Wearing old clothes you don’t mind damaging is also a good idea.

For less than $15, Pure Color’s Finishing Kit will provide you with all the necessary components for most of your wood finishing projects. We also offer other great, affordable wood staining products including:

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Shop Pure Color for all your wood staining needs, and feel free to contact us for any help or support you may need to ensure your project goes smoothly.