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PureColor superior water-based finishing products are trusted by master finishers and tradesmen across the country, professionals like you who have earned a reputation for uncompromising craftsmanship. Our patented Clean Chemistry™ stains and finishes set the standard for color consistency over time, with stunning depth and rich color that shows off the unique character of the wood. Our self-sealing topcoat works seamlessly with all PureColor stains to provide best-in-class protection. Choosing PureColor protects the environment, saves on insurance, and is safer for you, your family and your employees! 


It’s no wonder master finishers choose to work with PureColor. Our beautiful, non-flammable, water-based, low-VOC stains go on evenly, dry quickly and provide consistency from batch-to-batch, and our Clean Chemistry™ eliminates the hassles of cleaning up outdated solvent-based products. All you need for clean-up is soap and water!


PureColor professional-grade stains and finishes are available via overnight shipping, so you won’t ever find yourself running out of product. Our Clean Chemistry™ allows us to ship restriction free via all major carriers. However, with the rising shipping prices, we usually recommend ordering ahead of time in order to avoid the extra shipping cost. 


All PureColor finishing products arrive in our unique box and bag system in 1 quart or 1 gallon boxes which make it easy to organize and store our product. Easy to identify boxes stack neatly and compactly, freeing up space on your production floor for more projects. If you need larger sizes, such as 5-gallon buckets etc. we have that covered as well.

There are many more benefits to PureColor’s superior stains and finishes. Call us at 505-948-6756 or email us at: orders@purecolorinc.com to find out how we can make your wood products even more beautiful and your business more profitable. 

To our professional finishers / contractors / high-volume woodworkers we offer: Wiping stains (for wood); Spray stains (for wood and HDF); Custom Colors; Glazes (for wood) Interior topcoats--3 sheens: Matte, Satin, & Semi-gloss; and our new 2-in-1 spray stain/coating (for wood and HDF)--contact us at: orders@purecolorinc.com for more information concerning this product

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