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5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wood Stain  For Your Next DIY Project

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wood Stain For Your Next DIY Project

As any furniture finisher knows, a quality wood stain can be an awe-inspiring secret weapon in transforming "vanilla" pieces into conversation pieces that enhance natural wood's gorgeous textures and colors. The good news is: you don't have to be a master finisher to get professional results.

Starting a wood stain project is a fantastic and fun way to breathe new life into wood furniture and cabinets. But if you're going to dive into a DIY project, we say, "why not do it right?" Before you shop for your next wood stain, review the following checklist of features to ensure you start with a quality stain that can help you get the job done to perfection.

Safety First

Why bring hazardous, oil-based products into your home when you can get gorgeous results minus the risk? Water-based wood stains have ultra-low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), the mark of any good eco-friendly wood stain. Since VOCs are regulated for their toxic effects on air quality and the ozone, the lower, the better.*

Want to gather the kids for a family stain project? Choosing a kid-safe, pet-safe stain you trust opens up the artistic possibilities so you can keep it around the house without worry. PureColor lets you safely transform wood with its low-VOC superior water-based wood stains that are a far better option than the volatile, solvent-based products on the market. Our patented Clean Chemistry™ formulas meet or exceed the toughest environmental standards, allowing you to work free of harmful vapors, so there's need to vent the room where you work — and they're even safe enough even for moms-to-be!

PureColor ProTip: Wear old clothing and rubber or latex gloves, and set the stain and finishing containers on a level surface that's out-of-the way to prevent spills.

Diverse Color Palette and Easy Color Combining

Variety is the spice of life! That's why PureColor's superior water-based stains come in 30 striking colors for you to mix, match and tinker with. It's easy to experiment and create new wood stain shades by combining two or more PureColor stain colors, giving you a virtually unlimited color palette to work with. No matter which colors you choose for your final DIY project, you can expect intensely rich hues that bring out the best in your wood.

PureColor Pro Tip: Test stain color choices (and finishes) on wood scraps from your project before you apply to your piece.

Rich Color That "Wows"

Keep in mind that wood stain quality can vary greatly by brand. PureColor's patented Clean Chemistry™ wood stains and finishes set the standard for color consistency over time, giving you dramatic dimensionality thanks to our higher-quality pigments that penetrate deeper than other brands. Our goal was to engineer a formula that would bring the unique and natural beauty of the any wood type. And our self-sealing topcoat works seamlessly with all PureColor stains to provide best-in-class protection for your beloved DIY pieces.

PureColor’s superior water-based wood stain is made with nano-pigments as the base of our formula, resulting in a dense product that looks and performs better than many oil-based stains. This finer, superior pigment gives PureColor stains a distinct advantage when it comes to saturation of wood surfaces. So what does this all mean for your next project? You can expect consistently bold, striking color, no matter what item you're renovating.

PureColor Pro Tip: Consider the lighting conditions, since final shades may appear different based on the light source, and test out your final coat in the dark with a flashlight to spot imperfections.

Quick to Dry, Easy to Cleanup

Applying PureColor's water-based, quick-drying stain doesn't have to be an all-day job, thanks to the typical drying time of 30 minutes or less! And while your project is setting, the clean-up routine is fast and simple too, with only soap and water needed. These features make the whole process of initiating and finalizing DIY projects more enjoyable and less time-consuming — a true benefit over the hassles of outdated solvent-based products.

PureColor Pro Tip: After rinsing out your brush, use a putty knife to separate the bristles down the middle and add a few drops of dishwashing soap. Work the bristles gently until you see a bit of foam, then rinse well to remove all stain and prolong the life of your brush.

Beautiful Results You Can Bank On

When you choose a wood stain you trust, there's no guessing or stressing about the final appearance. PureColor's industrial-grade formulations ensure consistency from batch to batch and highlight wood’s natural beauty in a way that other stains cannot. With our stains and finishes in your toolbox, you'll get excited about the results! And when the task is all done, you'll see the difference in the big reveal: more appealing doors, windows, cabinets, floors and furniture.

PureColor ProTip: Always sand, stain and finish in the direction of the grain.

PureColor... Finish Well

PureColor superior wood finishes have set a new standard in application performance and ease of use. See for yourself how PureColor’s superior water-based stains and finishing products make a difference you can see and feel.

Color your world with PureColor's 30 Brilliant Colors.
*The EPA's National Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards for Architectural Coatings restricts the VOC content of flat paint to 250 grams per liter, and non-flat paint to 380 grams per liter. Learn more about VOC standards.