http://www.purecolorinc.comDisrupting the Wood Finishing Industry

Disrupting the Wood Finishing Industry

http://www.purecolorinc.comSustainable, Safe, Beautiful

Sustainable, Safe, Beautiful

http://www.purecolorinc.comDon't Give Up Ease of Use

Don't Give Up Ease of Use



http://www.purecolorinc.comBeauty and Durability

Beauty and Durability

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Disrupting The Wood Finishing Industry

PureColor's products have taken everyone in the industry by surprise.

We have been told time and again that we couldn't have the beauty and durability of oil-based stains in a safe, water-based finish.  But we didn't listen, instead we listened to the customers who said they wanted it all. They told us they wanted a wood color that enhanced their wood projects. They said they wanted a product they could feel confident wouldn't be harmful to them or the environment. They just needed someone willing to stand up and do it right. We now have that technology.

Our product is the result of chemists who have the knowledge and skill to create what some are calling the ultimate wood stain. To oversimplify, we removed the hazardous chemicals making it safe for both your family and the environment. With PureColor you can rest assured you will have the beauty and durability of a traditional stain with the sustainability only a water-based stain can provide.

When we started out we were just looking for a way to make finishing your project safer for the environment, but after overcoming one seemingly unsurmountable obstacle after the next, we discovered that our stains benefited the customer in more ways than one. We had accomplished the ultimate task. A nontoxic, odorless stain that produces a rich, transparent and consistent color without harming you, your family or the environment.  The end result: You do not have to give up safety, ease of use and environmental responsibility to attain a beautiful finish on your project.

If we changed the way stain is made, is it still called stain?

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Our product is better for you and the environment. It ships in concentrate form and recyclable packaging. Learn more...


Our products are non-toxic and non-hazardous making it safe for our employees, the applicators and consumers. Learn more...



Our products are authentic to nature's beauty, enhancing the look of the finished product. Learn more...


Our products hold up to stringent testing producing a long-lasting finish. Learn more...

  • Completely innovative wonderful stain. Been wood working for years and seeking an eco friendly product. Love the application traditional wipe on brush on product. Most amazing is the easy rinse in water clean and no odor. Thank you Purecolor for this product.--- Ellen Griffith, Amazon

  • Absolutely amazing!! Fast delivery and easy to apply. Packaging in a box is genius and much easier to use and store than a can. I used this to touch up my cabinets and the color match is right on. Down side-now I'm looking for other projects so I can use this product again, no smells easy to clean up. Highly recommended! --- Larry Lemasters, Amazon

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Easy to work with. No brush strokes, NO SMELL! I covered a dresser that I had painted. Went on very fast and dried fast too.--- GardenFancy, Amazon

  • Really great stain. Really easy to apply with almost no odor at all. The color really came out amazing. I played around with the colors and mixed and match as well to get different shades and it was really great. I will definitely buy this guy without hesitation. I took a chance on this stain because we used a name brand from the store and it was just too strong of an odor inside the house. We had a newborn and we were worried about the VOC's. The odor for that stain was so strong we had to remove the stained doors from the house for two weeks. This stain was used in our basement and didn't require any time to air out.--- Thomas, Amazon

About PureColor Inc.
PureColor, Inc. produces sustainable wood and composite finishes for OEM building products manufactures, the architectural coatings market, and the DIY consumer. PureColor's patent pending clean chemistry delivers innovative, high performance, industrial-grade, eco-friendly products. PureColor Inc. is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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